My name is Rod Kruz and I create music that will inspire you.

Rod Kruz Home Studio

I’m eager to start baking inspirational music for your  project. If you’re looking for that rock-pop, cinematic sound that will make your audience jump up their seats, get on contact with me.

I’ve been creating music for brands that streamed on radio and TV. There’s nothing else I would like to do more than to dedicate my time and efforts to my biggest passion; music. I will work in your project and feel as it was mine and make sure to deliver what you expect from it. Whether it´s a big or small project you could count on me.


Rock 91%
Cinematic 84%
Pop 64%
Electronic 64%




Do you like what you hear? Let’s get in touch. 

E-Mail: //  Phone:  01712270911 // Skype: kreuz84